Welcome to my world of color, creativity,
originality and fine art.
  1. Megan
    Medium: Pencil Art Price: $700 Size: 8.5x11
  2. Roots Silhouette
    Roots Silhouette
    Medium: Acrylic Price: $500 Size: 8.5x11
  3. Length
    Medium: Mixed Line Art,Finger Paint Price: $600 Size: 11x14
  4. Imprint
    Medium: Finger Paint Price: $500 Size: 8.5x11
The Artist Alivia
Alivia is a emerging artist, working primarily in  acrylic paints, pencil art and water color. Alivia trained in the traditional way (self taught) and attending art classes during high school. Alivia employs bold colors, fine lines in a expressionistic manner.

LIVINCI art on display and live painting at the Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum

LIVINCI art on display at the Crocker Art Museum During Black History Month

Alivia explores issues related to emotion, culture, wellness and feeling through the process of drawing and painting. Her work often refelcts virtuosity, emotion ,relaxation, with the style of japanese art and anime; reflecting her own style and techniques that make each of her art pieces unique and driven by passion and emotion.  
Alivia enjoys drawing japanese styled characters in her free time and elements that relate to the earth, such as Fire, Air, Wind, Water, Earth. Each element is incorporated in a piece of her art or character that she creates.

Alivia is very focused when she draws or paints. Detail is the most important aspect of her art, fine lines and form is what brings her art to life.